Turn Conflict Into Mutually Satisfying Solutions With Nonviolent Communication

Every day our homes, schools, work offices and communities are met with conflict. Unfortunately, most of us have been taught that conflict is bad – something to be avoided. We either run from it, face it with fists in the air, or we take the submissive route, incapable of an outcome that meets everyone’s needs.

Imagine having the conflict resolution skills to defuse conflict right in the moment, whether with a boss, neighbor, spouse or even a complete stranger. What if you had the skills to clearly express what you want to co-workers or family in a way that strengthened your relationships rather than led to disconnect or resentment?

Wouldn’t life be far less stressful if you had the emotional vocabulary and active listening skills to hear others’ feedback without feeling horrible about yourself in the process?

Our Nonviolent Communication (NVC) books offer simple, effective communication and conflict resolution skills that will transform the inevitable conflicts in your life — helping you foster healthy, satisfying relationships at home, work and in your community.

Learn Effective Conflict Resolution Skills to:

  • Defuse emotionally charged situations
  • Get to the heart of conflicts and disputes quickly
  • Reduce family conflicts and sibling rivalry
  • Prevent future pain and misunderstanding
  • Efficiently address concerns in the moment
  • Initiate difficult conversations with ease
  • Improve workplace morale
  • Move beyond power struggles to co-operation and trust


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"NVC is one of the most useful processes you will ever learn.”

William Ury, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In