Improve Morale, Strengthen Group Dynamics and Reduce Work Conflict With Compassionate Communication

Imagine if your entire team was equipped with the conflict resolution and empathic listening skills they need to quickly defuse office rivalries, irate customers or other high-stress situations.

What if you had the skills to run efficient meetings that your team enjoyed participating in? What if you could enhance your leadership skills in ways that led to a fully engaged, productive workforce, resulting in improved productivity, creativity, employee morale and work performance?

Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication offers simple, effective communication skills training to transform your workplace for the better. Employees at all levels — from an intern to the CEO — will learn effective interpersonal communication skills to improve workplace morale, enhance meeting efficiency, bolster teamwork, resolve conflict resolution, and more.

With our conflict resolution and workplace communication books, you'll learn how to effectively balance your people-centered values with the demands of your organization’s bottom line.

Learn Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills to:

  • Strengthen employee morale and loyalty
  • Improve meeting productivity
  • Resolve workplace conflicts effectively
  • Reduce office stress and absenteeism
  • Maximize the potential of all employees
  • Promote employee’s personal growth

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"NVC is one of the most useful processes you'll ever learn."

William Ury, co-author, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In